The Lords of Himeji Castle during the Edo Period

Terumasa Ikeda

The present Himeji Castle was built by Ikeda Terumasa in 1609 at the beginning of the Edo period. Since then, six different families ruled Himeji one after another and there was 31 lords during about 270 years. Some of them was short tenure because of childhood.

A.D. Japanese year the Lord
1600 Keicho 5 Ikeda Terumasa
1613 Keicho 18 Ikeda Toshitaka
1616 Genna 2 Ikeda Mitsumasa
1617 Genna 3 Honda Tadamasa
1631 Kanei 8 Honda Masatomo
1638 Kanei 15 Honda Masakatsu
1639 Kanei 16 Matsudaira Tadaaki(Okudaira)
1644 Shoho 1 Matsudaira Tadahiro(Okudaira)
1648 Keian1 Matsudaira Naomoto
1648 Keian 1 Matsudaira Naonori
1649 Keian 2 Sakakibara Tadatsugu
1665 Kanbun 5 Sakakibara Masafusa
1667 Kanbun 7 Matsudaira Naonori
1682 Tenna 2 Honda Tadakuni
1704 Hoei 1 Honda Tadataka
1704 Hoei 1 Sakakibara Masakuni
1726 Kyoho 11 Sakakibara Masasuke
1732 Kyoho 11 Sakakibara Masamine
1741 Kanpo 1 Sakakibara Masanaga
1741 Kanpo 1 Matsudaira Akinori
1748 Kanen 1 Matsudaira Tomonori
1749 Kanen 2 Sakai Tadazumi
1772 Anei 1 Sakai Tadazane
1790 Kansei 2 Sakai Tadahiro
1814 Bunka 11 Sakai Tadamitsu
1835 Tenpo 6 Sakai Tadanori
1844 Koka 1 Sakai Tadatomi
1853 Kaei 6 Sakai Tadateru
1860 Manen 1 Sakai Tadashige
1867 Keio 3 Sakai Tadatoshi
1868 Meiji 1 Sakai Tadakuni

Family Crest Tiles

Roof tiles have the imprint of family crest of the different lords, because these were installed in building and repairing the castle over the years.

Family crest Tile
Family crest Tile
Tile roof
Tile roof
Crest tiles inset
Crest tiles inset
Crest name Family Crest Tile
Ageha chou
(Swallowtail butterfly)
Ikeda clan Ageha chou
Ageha chou
Ageha chou
Tachi aoi
(Hollyhock trefoil)
Honda clan Tachi aoi
(Arrowhead plant)
Matsudaira clan
(Three commas)
Matsudaira clan Mitsudomoe
Genji guruma
Sakakibara clan Genji guruma
Ken katabami
(Blade and Oxalis)
Sakai clan Ken katabami
Go-san no kiri
(Five three paulownia)
- Go-san no kiri
Go-shichi no kiri
(Five seven paulownia)
- Go-shichi no kiri

Lord's Tomb and Gorinto

Gorinto of Ikeda Terumasa and the tomb of Sakakibara Tadatsugu and Masakuni are located in Mt. Masui to the north of Himeji Castle.

Tomb of Sakakibara Tadatsugu
Tomb of Sakakibara Tadatsugu
Tomb of Sakakibara Masakuni and wife
Sakakibara Masakuni and wife
Gorinnotou of Ikeda Terumasa
Gorinnotou of Ikeda Terumasa

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The Lords of Himeji Castle during the Edo Period

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